Virtual Classes Offered This Summer!

This summer 

Run Your Own Camps, Classes or Workshop In Any State!

We proudly make all of our own woodworking assembly kits in Denver, Colorado. Because of demand from other organizations throughout the country, we now offer all of our assembly kits to be purchased at great wholesale prices. Kits include all pieces, nails and instructions. All other tools are available as well to make this a full turnkey process. These projects are great for:


*Summer Camps  * Day Camps,  * YMCA Events  * Birthday Parties  * Holiday workshops  *Presents or Gifts  * Boy / Girl Scouts   * Retail Stores   *STEM Programs  *Home Schools

Teachers Looking For A Summer Income

Over the last 5 years of developing and supplying woodworking assembly kits, we have found a specially niche of school teachers and others looking for some extra income while teaching woodworking to elementary age kids. 

Our projects allow teachers to run their own camps and classes anytime they have available

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                                                                      THE KIDS! 

         Our most important focus is & will always be the kids! No matter

 what, our goal is to provide the kids of today & the future a means of hands

on creating. Whether that be a workshop, class or assembly kit, our passion is

reintroducing an amazing hands on skill set while developing social skills, self

confidence & creativity with all who come into contact with Woodshop Wizards!

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