Licensing Opportunities:

Licensing is a great opportunity for people with the drive to run

their own company and don't want to get bogged down with the

hurdles and legality issues that come with franchising.


What We Provide: Everything needed to run the classes including:

* All Necessary Tools & Projects      * Instructions      *Procedure Packet     

* “How To Acquire Schools” Packet     

What’s Required From You: * Acquiring Schools      * Hiring & Paying Your Staff     

* Ordering tools & Projects When Needed        * Preparing Your Schools Each Day

* Scheduling Your Schools

Why Choose Woodshop Wizards: Woodshop Wizards after school program has become a proof of concept as we have been operational in two cities now and have seen very solid success.  Parents and the schools themselves love the program because of the hands on learning that it allows their students to break into.

Summer Camps & Classes: With our project

assortment, you are able to run summer camps

throughout the summer. Summer is a great time

to continue classes and camps as many of the

families that you work with in the school year will

want something for their kids to do. 

        In some cases, schools will hold camps and

classes that allow you to come in and continue

with classes.


How The Schools Work: Schools hold After School Programs throughout the school year and in some cases summer as well. Registration differs between schools. Some schools will handle the registration, which is convenient but often means payment comes at the end of the session. Some schools will require you to have a registration page on a website. Woodshop Wizards website can be used for that. Sessions run between 6 weeks and 12 weeks. In some cases you will have shorter and longer but not often. The parents are the ones who choose to put their child in the class and the ones who pay rather than the schools. We have seen classes fill up quickly without much of any marketing, but even so, schools allow different ways of marketing such as email blasts, handing out flyers and holding demos.

For more information about licensing the Woodshop Wizards Program as well as cost details, email us at



  • Minor costs up front, great profit returns.

  • Flexible work schedule because this is an after school  program. The average class time starts at 3:30 PM for an hour. This allows lots of free time with your day.

  • You will not need to rent a space for your tools and projects. All you need is a small space in your garage.

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