Tap into a would of creativity with the Bird Feeder assembly kit. Kits come with everything needed to complete.  Kits come with everything needed to complete. Each package comes equipt with the nessacary amount of nails and all pieces of the assembly kit. It also comes with enough sand paper to sand each piece throughouly. Instructions come in each kit as well. You do not need wood working expierence to complete or teach the project. All you need is a hammer, glue and paint. If you do not have that, you can also purchase everything through Woodshop Wizards! Think of these kits like a lego package. With all the pieces and nails, you just need to trust your hands on ability that everone has. Kids can break through their unknown potential and build great projects. Projects are intended for children ages 5-12.

Bird Feeder Assembly Kit

    • Alll Needed Precut Pieces
    • Nails
    • Instructions


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